5 ingredient vegetarian chili (and bean soup)

I just love it when my babies are here. My home feels complete. My heart is happy. : ) They are here on winter break for 4 whole weeks and I am so excited to have them around me and to enjoy their company!

my honey, keeper of the fire


Tonight we are planning a bonfire in the fire pit on our back deck. It’s a super chilly evening, so I thought I’d make some chili to warm our hands while we sit around the fire. I make chili for my family with ground beef since they haven’t quite come around to eating like a vegan (lol!), but I made some vegetarian chili for myself, and I want to share the recipe with you!


It is super easy — only 5 ingredients; made even easier with some convenience foods, like frozen vegetable grain mix and packaged seasoning.




easy vegetarian chili

(makes 4 servings)

  • 3 cups of bean soup (I’ll add the recipe for that below)
  • 1 package Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends, Southwest flavor (in the frozen vegetable aisle), prepared according to package directions, so basically throw it in the microwave for a few minutes. : )
  • 1 can, 14.5 oz. diced fire roasted tomatoes, juice and all
  • ½ package of chili seasoning, approximately
  • salt and pepper to taste


Put everything together into a medium pot or crockpot. Heat through, and serve!



bean soup


  • 1 lb. dry beans (white beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, etc. would be great for the chili)
  • chicken or beef bouillon (or bouillon alternative if you’re me!)


Rinse and drain your beans, place into a large crockpot, then add bouillon and cover with several inches of water. I turn mine on high for a few hours before bed, then turn it to low for the rest of the night. By morning, they are very soft and just the way I like them! I add salt and pepper to taste.



I hope you are enjoying your holidays and time spent with family! Love to all!

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