the best birthday ever!

Today is my birthday!! I just love birthdays. People go out of their way to let you know they love you and to make you feel special! I wish everyone could feel like this on their birthday. I know not everyone does, and I am honored and very blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.


This last weekend, my babies were home from college, and they celebrated with me on Saturday. My amazing daughter, Sierra, went waaaaaay over the top to make my day special! She searched for the perfect dessert for me, and since I don’t eat sugar or animal products, it was not easy! She spent hours chopping and grinding and blending, and the result was this beautiful, delicious lemon berry tart!

raw, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, & sugar-free lemon berry tart

She made the crust with ground almonds; she soaked and then ground raw cashews with hand-squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest for the creamy filling, and topped it with coconut milk whipped ‘cream’ and fresh berries. I never saw her recipe, so I can’t tell you exactly how to make this, but it certainly was appreciated! She proved that you can still have yummy treats, even if you choose to eat very healthfully!


She also threw me a surprise party! I wore a blindfold and listened to loud music while she drove me to one of my favorite spots on the lake, where she’d decorated the space with a fruit theme and prepared a feast of all kinds of fresh melons, pineapple, veggies with dip, and cucumber-infused water.


There were friends and sisters there to enjoy time with, and even some crafts to make. It was a lovely, just-rained evening and the sunset over the lake was breathtaking!


This has been just the perfect birthday, and its not over yet! I got to spend time with my kiddos and my hunny; my future son, Reagan cleaned my kitchen for me (which was a huge job, since it was covered with the remnants of all that cooking and chopping mentioned earlier!); they all got me some very thoughtful gifts that I will enjoy for a long time — I just couldn’t ask for more, and I am so very grateful!


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  1. A very happy birthday to you 😊 I simply love the tart with the strawberry rose on top!

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    1. Thank you so much!! She did a great job!!

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  2. Rateka says:

    It looks yummy and food becomes more delicious when family members put so much of efforts and love in it.

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    1. Thank you, and I totally agree!!

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